The Interdisciplinary Prostate Ontology Project (IPOP) aims to apply and extend best practises from biomedical informatics to clinical work on prostate cancer. We combine academic research with practical work developing standards and software. We are currently collaborating with the Image Guided Prostate Cancer Management project to develop a structured reporting tool for radiology and pathology of prostate cancer.

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Biomedical Ontologies

Biomedical ontologies are standardized system of terminology for biomedicine. Not only do they help human practitioners communicate clearly and effectively, but they are also designed to help machines search through vast databases and reason over complex relationships. IPOP uses Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies, which are developed using a shared Basic Formal Ontology. We also collaborate with the Ontology for Biomedical Investigation and the Radiological Society of North America's Radiology Lexicon project.

Structured Reporting

Today radiologists and most medical practitioners either dictate or type plain-text reports about their examinations and procedures. These reports are difficult to search and analyze because each practitioner has her own style and her own preferred phrases. It is all to easy to forget to mention something important. With structured reporting practitioners enter their reports using a rich computer interface, which ensures a complete report, and the data is stored in a format that can easily be searched and analyzed.

We are currently developing a prototype of a next-generation structured reporting tool for prostate cancer. You can try it online.